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Pronounced “Ah-Mee,” a play on the French word for “friend.”

ah.mi is A 3-month jumpstart to a healthier life alongside your friends.

Focused on the basics: eating healthy and being active.

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Our focus is on developing lifelong healthy habits that make you feel (and yes, look) great.  We believe in starting small and creating attainable eating and exercise goals that naturally become a part of your everyday.  

(Meaning, we get that you have a life, eat carbs, drink wine, and have a limited amount of time to workout.)

We also believe that the best way to prioritize your health is with the motivation of your friends.  Why? Because it works: we’ve seen the healthy lifestyle changes in our members, and research supports the benefits of getting healthy with your friends.  

Like one ah.mi member said, “It’s one thing to show up for yourself, but it’s another thing to show up for your friends.”  That’s that ah.mi magic ✨




The Baseline

A transparent look at what real women typically eat.

We ask women with a balanced, realistic approach to eating healthy to give us the dish on their eating habits and food staples.  


The Routine

The real deal about women’s fitness habits.

We chat with busy gals who’ve figured out how to prioritize working out and share the deets about their exercise habits and what keeps them motivated.


Member Spotlight

The scoop on our members’ journeys to living a healthier life.

We ask our members who’ve completed their 3-months to share their tips and tricks to eating better and exercising more.


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